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Hit or Miss

“Create something today, even if it sucks.”   With every release I go through several phases. The first one is always hard, the not knowing what to do, what colors to use, what will sell or will look good together. The second is either “wow these will be amazing” or “I’m not too sure of this one”. The next few are a rollercoaster within a few days, washing them out and being concerned. Taking them out of the washer and thinking “well they still need to dry and then we will see.” Ironing them and photographing them and still trying to decide if I like them or not. Then comes showing them to everyone. Now, I don’t have to go...

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Winry in the Fog

The sun set as we loaded up the last few things into the car. The dogs jumped in and we were on our way. We wanted to do some real traveling with the Traveling Reject. Three and a half hours into the night we drove, climbing in elevation as we left our island home behind and disappeared into the forests of the North Cascade Mountains. We arrived at our destination- Picture Lake. We looked forward to the views come morning and hunkered down in the car with all the dogs to sleep for the night. As morning came, we were not greeted with mountains or a calm, still Picture Lake. Instead, thick fog and low hanging clouds cloaked the area and...

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8 Things Not to Say to a Creator & 2 Things We Need to Hear:

  These statements and responses are driven from my own personal experience. They are not intended to be taken any sort of way other than a learning experience.   1. Your products are too expensive. Check with any of my ambassadors for a discount code of 20% off! Although I love what I do, I’m not doing it for free. The price of items is determined by a few things: cost of supplies, time spent working on them, and the demand. When I started my shop my bandanas were $8 a piece. I got better dye, made more products at a time, and the demand has increased drastically. Also, this is a one woman show, I do everything myself when...

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