8 Things Not to Say to a Creator & 2 Things We Need to Hear:


These statements and responses are driven from my own personal experience. They are not intended to be taken any sort of way other than a learning experience.


1. Your products are too expensive.

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Although I love what I do, I’m not doing it for free. The price of items is determined by a few things: cost of supplies, time spent working on them, and the demand. When I started my shop my bandanas were $8 a piece. I got better dye, made more products at a time, and the demand has increased drastically. Also, this is a one woman show, I do everything myself when it comes to making my products.


2. I could do this cheaper.

Go for it, but my momma always told me you get whatcha pay for!


3. Can I have a free product to review?

Nope, but thanks!

I have a hardworking and dedicated team that promotes my shop for me. This is an insulting question because it implies that you don’t see my products as something worth paying for.


4. How do you make this?

Google, YouTube, experimentation.

I learned on my own and you can too! Before you take someone else’s idea and run with it, try and be unique. Try to make your own products and ideas. I spent months and months testing and experimenting with my products. Nothing feels worse than seeing someone else do what you poured your heart and soul into to create. Now, I’m not saying I invented tie dye bandanas or resin tags, but before I started my shop I researched to see if there were other shops selling what I wanted to. I couldn’t find any on Instagram and Etsy, so I gave it a shot! Had there been any similar shops I would not have gone down this path.


5. You actually sell these?

Now this question I have only heard in person, from friends and family. I work full time so sometimes I take my products to work with me to finish up, and people always inquire. I get a lot of “Oh I want one!” “How much are they?” “You charge THAT much?”

With these questions I don’t take too much offense because most of these people don’t know about this little (but huge) dog community and that’s okay. I always love the looks on people’s faces when I start to explain this online world we’re in.


6. Your products sell too fast, it’s not fair.

It’s taken me almost two years to get to this point. A year into my shop I needed to have sales, mark down my  prices, and practically give some bandanas away! So while it is unfortunate that not everyone can get one each time, I am proud that I am at a point where I am selling out with each release. Also, bandana releases are every two weeks now, so there is plenty of opportunity!


7. Will you donate something to my giveaway?

This is a loaded question, and the answer could be yes, no, or maybe.

The only time you will get a yes or a maybe is if you are a loyal customer, another shop I have a relationship with, or a team member. Unfortunately sometimes I do have to say no to those people as well, depending on my work load and things going on in my life.

I will give an automatic no or leave you on read if you’re an account that spam asks for free stuff or are someone who doesn’t even follow my shop.

Giveaways are fun and a great way to get exposure, but us shop owners need to know our worth and when to say no. If a shop, myself included, says no please don’t take offense. It could be for a number of reasons.


8. Can you make something similar to this product from someone else?

Absolutely not.

Most shop owners strive on uniqueness and originality. That is something that they (and I) have worked incredibly hard to keep, and I will not replicate something someone else worked hard for.


1. You’re doing a great job.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for my team and my sweet customers I would have given up by now. Every single nice message, tag in a new post, and mention to a friend truly warms my heart and keeps my motivation going. As a creator I am constantly doubting my products. It’s messages like that that truly make all the worrying worth it.


2. Take your time.

No matter the schedule that I try and keep, life still manages to get in the way. I love this shop with all my heart and soul but my wife and my full time job have to come first. I don’t have the luxury of a 9-5 Monday through Friday job. I work weird and long hours, and sometimes I have just enough time at home to sleep before I’m back at it again. I always worry that I’m not fast enough or I’m taking too long on something, but handmade things take time. I am one woman trying to do it all and sometimes I fall short. When customers tell me how fast my shipping is (when I felt like it took forever), or a customer is understanding that things take time, it really helps relax my mind. Even when I’m not actively working on my shop I’m still thinking about it or interacting on Instagram. It’s a hard thing to relax and take my time.




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  • Josie & @emberexploring & @ronan_and_kahlua

    You are such a stunning one woman show! The brand you build with all your hard work is admirable. Thank you for taking the time to write this blog post, I think a lot of people need a positive reminder of the work a shop owner puts in everyday. Keep up the amazing work. We adore your items, and look forward to continuing to support your amazing business.

  • Diane & Zula

    Sayb, you are absolutely incredible! I couldn’t imagine working full time and running a business too. You work so hard and pour your heart and soul into putting out such vibrant, unique, and amazing quality products. It’s no wonder why everyone wants to get their hands on them. Your creativity is out of this world! Every tag, bandana and accessory that I have from you makes me speechless. I love them all! Keep doing what you’re doing! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Ali & Jello

    Sayb you’re literally amazing! You work so hard on your products and come up with such beautiful color combinations. There is a reason why people love TDC gear so much and why it always sells out!! You’ve come this far, and you continue to strive to improve your shop. I’m so glad that I found you earlier this year, because not only do I have amazing bandanas and tags and keychains, I’ve also met an amazing and hardworking woman who is pouring her heart and passion into what she makes.

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