Ambassador Expectations

It’s no secret that I am incredibly proud of my team, they have became the best family and friends I could ever dream for. They work hard and provide incredible photos and support for my shop. But what are the requirements of my ambassadors?


First let’s talk about the different level of ambassadors.


Lead Ambassadors:

A lead ambassador is someone with the knowledge of the ins and outs of TDC. Someone who can help and answer in-depth questions to customers and other ambassadors. Someone who helps moderate the chat and makes sure the ambassadors are all keeping up with their minimum requirements.


Permanent Ambassadors:

Permanent Ambassadors are people who have been on the team before, either recently or in the past. There is no term limit however, commitment is important. For a term ambassador to move up to a permanent ambassador, they must successfully completed two full consecutive terms.


Term Ambassadors:

Term ambassadors have a shortened term of 4 months. Term ambassadors are for new people to our team or past members who do not want the permanent commitment.


Our ambassadors will need to already have a product of ours, either purchased, bought secondhand, or won from a giveaway. No free products are given out at the start of the ambassador term. When looking to add new team members, we do like to see your pup in TDC on your page prior to being on the team. We are looking for people who support and love our shop as much as we do!


Posting requirements:

I require three posts to your account a month and eight story shares during the months we have releases. Months are from the first of the month to whatever day ends the month. The product in the photo must be clear and visible, and we must also be tagged. I create story promos for all releases that can be shared. If you want to create your own to share that is fine as well. There are a few others on the perm team that also create story promos that can be shared as well. Story shares either need to be promos for sales, videos showing bandanas/tags on adventures or pictures of the bandanas/tags and I will need to be tagged in each one.


Other requirements include logging posts on a spreadsheet for myself and the leads to make sure the posting minimum is met. Following a team only Instagram page where I post sneak peeks, ask for feedback on products, and is the host of our team group chat.


Something that we do not have requirement on follower count. We have a wide range of under 1,000 to over 10,000. There is no minimum requirement of followers.


When it comes to a being model/rep/ambassador for other shops, I only have one policy. You cannot work for, model/rep/ambassador for any other shop that does resin tags or tie dye bandanas. This policy is in place so there is no confusion between the products/codes/sales that you are repping.


Now for the fun stuff...

We have a traveling reject bandana that goes from ambassador to ambassador throughout the term. You can have it up to two weeks and then pass it on to the next person!

Every four months we send our ambassador boxes with exclusive gear to all members who have kept up with their minimum requirements.


Just like with any shop, this does require commitment and responsibility to keep up with the minimum requirements. I have worked hard to change it to be as easy as possible for both myself and the team. I always want to be 100% transparent with my potential team members and my current team. I hope this helps in future ambassador searches and clears up any questions you might have!

Would you like to join our team?


  • Daryan, Loaf and Sunny

    As always, Sayb, you amaze me! I have wanted to be on this team for the longest time and definitely shed some tears when I was finally asked! I am so proud to represent you and your brand. Not to mention being a part of something so unique and sweet! Love this team.

  • Ali & Jello

    The TDC team is an actual family. Anyone who is on the team feels the love and bonding that everyone brings. Sayb, you have created something truly special, and anyone who makes this team basically hits the lottery with how amazing it is!

  • Diane & Zula

    We are so incredibly proud to be a part of your amazing team & family. You have a remarkable business, and you are such a sweet & caring person. We love you Sayb!

  • Angi, Albert & Houdini

    I am SO excited for this opportunity and I hope we can join this amazing team!

  • Brittni, Revan & Rogue

    This should cover any questions people may have. I love how transparent you are. I have learned so much in the short time I’ve been on your team, and made many lasting friendships. I’m so thankful to be apart of this wonderful family. Love you Sayb 💙

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