Hit or Miss

“Create something today, even if it sucks.”


With every release I go through several phases. The first one is always hard, the not knowing what to do, what colors to use, what will sell or will look good together. The second is either “wow these will be amazing” or “I’m not too sure of this one”. The next few are a rollercoaster within a few days, washing them out and being concerned. Taking them out of the washer and thinking “well they still need to dry and then we will see.” Ironing them and photographing them and still trying to decide if I like them or not.

Then comes showing them to everyone. Now, I don’t have to go on another tangent about how amazing my team is but they are always supportive. Whether they like it or not, they are always encouraging.

To me, my bandanas and tags are my art. Art that I have poured my heart and soul into. Art that I love to share with the world. Art that warms my heart when I see them on your pups. Art that has seen more blood, sweat, and tears than I want to admit.

Each release I wonder if it’ll be a hit or miss. Either way, I know I tried my hardest. I know that I can’t make a hit each time and that’s okay.


Halloween is my jam, it’s one of my favorite holidays and I’m my favorite season. Unfortunately, to me, Halloween was a miss this year and I’m sorry.


  • Angela Spinzig

    I’m sorry you think that Halloween was a miss—but I think nothing could be further from the truth! The Halloween release was spectacular!

  • Sara & Fern

    I’m truly sorry you feel that way, I strongly disagree – You never disappoint with how beautiful your creations are! It might not have gone as planned, but everything still came out amazing and unique. Everyone will be lucky to have a piece of this release to show off to the world. I know we definitely are! So I’m my books, you had a major win today! 🖤

  • Ali & Jello

    Sayb, your creativity and bandanas are absolutely beautiful. As a creator, you will always be tough on yourself and strive to make each release better. You will critique every piece and inch of your products, and the more you look the more you’ll find something to improve on. But that’s what comes with being an artist. To everyone else, your work is exceptional, vibrant, stunning, and eye catching. There is a reason your bandanas won’t stay in shop for long. Because to us humble customers, your products are the most amazing thing in the world; they’re limited edition collectors items that my dog can wear in any condition and will still get so many compliments. Don’t be too hard on yourself — Halloween release was AMAZING and I’m so glad we were able to get a piece of your work.

  • Gabrielle. Piper. Lilly. Beast. Jolene

    Sayb you put so much hard work into your products no only that but the quality of your products are supurb. I definitely can’t imagine the thoughts that go through your head each release. Helping with the food truck I get nervous when we roll out a new product or special. As humans we always want to do our best & we all have our gifts I believe. I know I could never make the creations that you come up with you have a beautiful artistic side let it shine!

  • Vanna & Atti

    Oh Sayb,

    I’ve learned the hard way with my own drawing, painting, and photography, that you are your own worst critic. Everybody adores your hard work and dedication you put into the final product and you don’t sell out every release for no reason! Keep working hard and keep being you ♥️ Atticus and I will wear TDC forever!

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