Hit or Miss

“Create something today, even if it sucks.”


With every release I go through several phases. The first one is always hard, the not knowing what to do, what colors to use, what will sell or will look good together. The second is either “wow these will be amazing” or “I’m not too sure of this one”. The next few are a rollercoaster within a few days, washing them out and being concerned. Taking them out of the washer and thinking “well they still need to dry and then we will see.” Ironing them and photographing them and still trying to decide if I like them or not.

Then comes showing them to everyone. Now, I don’t have to go on another tangent about how amazing my team is but they are always supportive. Whether they like it or not, they are always encouraging.

To me, my bandanas and tags are my art. Art that I have poured my heart and soul into. Art that I love to share with the world. Art that warms my heart when I see them on your pups. Art that has seen more blood, sweat, and tears than I want to admit.

Each release I wonder if it’ll be a hit or miss. Either way, I know I tried my hardest. I know that I can’t make a hit each time and that’s okay.


Halloween is my jam, it’s one of my favorite holidays and I’m my favorite season. Unfortunately, to me, Halloween was a miss this year and I’m sorry.


  • Kristy

    The talent you have is incredible and the fact that you share your losses makes you human and someone that most people can relate more to. Personally I look forward to each sneak peak you show none are ever the same and your behind the scenes and team show just how much love you pour into this. It has to be a win when I can never decide which ones I want more and if that decision isn’t automatically made they are long gone. Sold out poof better luck next time. Your doing it right congratulations on 8k that will be 18 before you know it. Happy Halloween 🎃

  • Shelby

    I so understand this feeling but just know, everyone has completely different opinions! You may think something is absolutely awful & so many others might love it. No matter what, your shop continues to sell out and for that I’m so in awe of you and your work ethic!

  • Ruby, Anya and Katana

    I couldn’t imagine the pressures and constant worry of owning a shop and creating products as incredible and as in high demand as yours. I do know this though, everyone has their own inquired taste and hear me out! Some bandanas that you make you feel as if they aren’t great BUT sometimes they’re the first ones to sellout! So just know, that yeah, there’s loads of people out there that are obsessed with your Rebel Rejects or the misfits that didn’t necessarily make the cut. Not to spoil this for anyone Ready this comment lol but you just shared goosebumps (which was supposed to be hocus pocus or another style) and I actually like it way better than how it was supposed to turn out 😅 that purple and vivid green and purple has me sold 😍

    I’m sorry for my rant but you’re incredible and so passionate, don’t let this miss get you down. You’re making this halloween so much more eventful for the ones that have been able to snag a spooky ‘Dana ♥️

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