Winry in the Fog

The sun
set as we loaded up the last few things into the car. The dogs jumped in and we were on our way. We wanted to do some real traveling with the Traveling Reject. Three and a half hours into the night we drove, climbing in elevation as we left our island home behind and disappeared into the forests of the North Cascade Mountains. We arrived at our destination- Picture Lake. We looked forward to the views come morning and hunkered down in the car with all the dogs to sleep for the night.

As morning came, we were not greeted with mountains or a calm, still Picture Lake. Instead, thick fog and low hanging clouds cloaked the area and cold rain sprinkled the car. Despite the lack of views, we were given a new aesthetic with classic PNW weather. Canada Jays met us outside the car, curious as we fed the dogs. They playfully fluttered around and called to one another, hoping we’d give them treats and goodies. Simply holding out your hand, they’d swoop down to perch upon your fingers. It was a magical, unforgettable experience, but the day didn’t end there.

While the winter winds nipped at our noses and hands, we hit a small trail to see where it would lead. We found snow, to the dog’s delight, and spent a long time letting them bound to their heart’s content. After making it back to the car, we moved to a different area close by and walked another trail, taking in all the beauty of the area, even with the fog, which only added to the effect. We felt the cold no longer and instead, couldn’t help but laugh at the Canada Jays that seemingly followed us to our new location, still watching us as we went, hopping along in the branches trying to keep up. We didn’t notice the rain or the wind anymore, completely distracted with the good times being had.


After enjoying our time by the lake, we headed back to the car, gave the dogs a snack, and decided it was about time to head home. We moved to a new area, truthfully no place in particular, to snag a photo of Winry in her Traveling Reject bandana to commemorate the adventure. A picture photo that captured the essence of the day.


A perfect girl and her perfect head tilt.


An endless sea of evergreens.


Distant mountains hugged by fog.


Lastly, autumn hues of oranges and yellows.


Although our journey came to an end and we descended the mountain and headed home, crossing the water to get to the island, the memories of that day amongst the Canada Jays, bitter winds, rain, fog, snow, and mountains, surrounded by good friends and dogs, will last a lifetime. I enjoyed my time with the Traveling Reject and send it on its way, to a new voyage and a new dog. To continue its travels through the Trail Dog Co family. Oh, the adventures it will see.


Written by Mollie Underwood. 


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  • Liz & Stella

    Mollie. You take me on every adventure with you when you write these beautiful stories! I’m glad you had such a beautiful day. I love seeing all of these reject adventures!

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