Shop Policies & FAQ

Shop Policies


About us:

TDC is a one woman show (sometimes two) where I can let my creativity flow and be a part of a fantastic community of dog lovers just like me!



Once packages have left the shop and have been scanned into USPS custody we are no longer liable for lost/stolen/damaged packages. Please contact USPS with any questions after package has been scanned into their facility.


Processing time:

Typical processing time is three (3) weeks. Pre-order/Custom products have a processing time of four (4) weeks. If orders are not able to be completed in the arranged processing time, you will be notified.


Damaged tags:

Our tags are durable, but not indestructible. We are not responsible for tags that are destroyed by dogs chewing or rough play. Tags can get soft if left in heat (sun exposure/hot car/etc). If left in extreme sun exposure, ink in tags can fade.

Tags CAN be exchanged or remade (with the possibility of the tag not coming out exactly the same) if the seal on the front or back has come off within seven (7) days of delivery. It can only be exchanged or refunded within these 7 days if the tag was not chewed and damage was caused because of the sealing process.


Custom orders:

Custom orders can not be refunded or exchanged once the product is made.



We do not allow refunds or exchanging. Due to everything being handmade, each bandana and tag comes out a little differently than the next. Monitor differences, screen brightness, and photography may appear different than in person. Our bandanas on the websites listings are photographed in direct sunlight and have not been altered or edited. Our tags on the website listing are photographed under an LED light and have not been altered or edited.


Can I promote your products/ Can I have a free product?

Best way to support a small business is purchasing and promoting after your product arrives. 


Will you vendor in my giveaway?

Possibly, Apply here.



Trail Dog Co is not responsible for damages or injuries due to negligence, misuse, or rough play while wearing our products. Please supervise your pets with bandanas and tags on. Do not let them chew on tags or bandanas. Do not leave products in extreme weather conditions.