Traveling Reject

“It doesn’t matter where you are going but who you have beside you.”
Manassas National Battlefield, Virginia
Outer Banks NC
Corn Maze, Maiden NC
California Polytechnic State, San Luis Obispo 
Twin Lakes at Sierra National Forest 
Palouse Falls
“For our Reject adventure we decided to take our traveling reject to Palouse falls! It wasn’t too far from our house, we headed out in the afternoon and set out for adventure! As soon as we turned on the road to the state park we were greeted by a huge sign that said: Caution, people have died here. 4 recent deaths. Stay away from cliff edge. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t slight scared! I hate heights, it’s one of my irrational fears. But, we decided to keep on going anyways. We got there and you could see the falls right from the parking lot. The bigger falls is protected by a fence. You could look over and see people standing on top of the mountain right next to the falls, it was breathtaking and slightly scary. We set off to find out where you went to hike down to the falls. We were met with a few more slightly terrifying warnings, and a warning saying we were going off state park property, but hey! We came there for adventure right? So we hiked down, you first went through this cliff edge path that was unmarked but obviously how everyone got down, then you went down the side of this man made hill that was next to a railroad track. So it was black rock that was very slippery and not made to hike on! Thankfully my fiancé came with me and took both of the dogs and walked in front of me so I could grab a hold of his shoulder very tightly. Once we got down it was a simple walk in the canyon over to the smaller falls, it was breathtaking. There were so many places to take photos and sit and enjoy the views with the sound of water crashing all around you. The dogs enjoyed romping around and exploring and we enjoyed the peace and quiet. We came at just the right time when everyone had left. Overall, a fantastic adventure!” - Chelsea
 Spring Creek Forest Preserve, Garland, TX