Ice Dye #30 | Hello Autumn | Tie Dye Dog Bandana (21x21 Inches)

Ice Dye #30 | Hello Autumn | Tie Dye Dog Bandana (21x21 Inches)

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  • All bandanas are hand dyed and cotton material.
  • 21 x 21 inches for regulars or 14 x 14 inches for minis.
  • Bandanas are washed and line dried after being dyed.
  • Easy to tie with folded triangle shape, snaps can be added to minis.


Do not leave dog unattended with bandana on, tags could be swallowed if chewed off. During the dye process, there is a chance other colors can transfer to the bandana. Bandanas are cut and edges are sewn by a third party company. Imperfections in stitching can happen. They are not perfect squares. Variation in bandana shapes may occur. Although each bandana in a set is dyed with the same colors and the same technique, each bandana does come out a little different.



Cold wash, line dry, and iron if needed. If vinyl needs ironed, place parchment paper over vinyl and lightly iron.



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